Cheap hotels on Gower, south Wales

Swansea Bay Beaches

Swansea Bay Gower hotels Swansea town/city centre

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Leonardo's Guest House LeonardoDevon View Devon ViewTudor Court Hotel Tudor Court Hotel
Star rating: 3Star rating: 3*GStar rating:
Rooms: 18Rooms: 16Rooms: 26
Swansea Bay: 0.2 milesSwansea Bay: 0.2 milesSwansea Bay: 0.3 miles
Prices from: £49.92Prices from: Prices from: £49.00
LeonardoDevon View Swansea BayTudor Court Hotel Swansea Bay
The White House The White HouseBayStays - St James Crescent BayStays - St James CrescentMirador Town House Mirador Town House
Star rating: 4Star rating: Star rating:
Rooms: 10Rooms: 3Rooms: 7
Swansea Bay: 0.5 milesSwansea Bay: 0.5 milesSwansea Bay: 0.5 miles
Prices from: £189.60Prices from: £110.00Prices from: £80.00
The White House Swansea BayBayStays - St James Crescent Swansea BayMirador Town House Swansea Bay
Hurst Dene Guest House Hurst Dene Guest HouseAlexander Hotel Alexander HotelDylan Thomas House Dylan Thomas House
Star rating: 3Star rating: 4*GStar rating: 4
Rooms: 10Rooms: 13Rooms: 6
Swansea Bay: 0.6 milesSwansea Bay: 0.6 milesSwansea Bay: 0.7 miles
Prices from: £70.00Prices from: Prices from: £125.00
Hurst Dene Guest House Swansea BayAlexander Hotel Swansea BayDylan Thomas House Swansea Bay
The Singleton Hotel The Singleton HotelHanover Street Swansea - Guest Homes Hanover Street Swansea - Guest HomesSwansea Marriott Hotel Swansea Marriott Hotel
Star rating: Star rating: Star rating: 4
Rooms: 7Rooms: 0Rooms: 119
Swansea Bay: 0.7 milesSwansea Bay: 0.7 milesSwansea Bay: 0.7 miles
Prices from: £45.00Prices from: £130.00Prices from: £80.00
The Singleton Hotel Swansea BayHanover Street Swansea - Guest Homes Swansea BaySwansea Marriott Hotel Swansea Bay

Swansea Bay Swansea Bay  Patti Pavilion Patti Pavilion  Victoria Park Victoria Park  Brangwyn Hall and the Guildhall Brangwyn Hall and the Guildhall  Swansea Crown Court Swansea Crown Court  St Helens, Swansea St Helens, Swansea  Joe's ice cream parlour, Swansea Joe  Uplands Uplands  Registry Office Registry Office  Brynmill Park Brynmill Park  HMP Swansea Prison HMP Swansea Prison  Central Library Central Library  Sancta Maria hospital Sancta Maria hospital  Singleton Park Singleton Park  Taliesin Arts Centre Taliesin Arts Centre  Grand Theatre Grand Theatre