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Craig-y-Nos castle Castles

Craig-y-Nos castle hotels south Wales town/city centre

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Craig Y Nos Castle Craig Y Nos CastlePentre Riding Stables Pentre Riding StablesCraig-Y-Nos Castle Craig-Y-Nos Castle
Star rating: 3Star rating: 4Star rating: 3
Rooms: 30Rooms: 3Rooms: 35
Craig-y-Nos castle: 0.1 milesCraig-y-Nos castle: 0.1 milesCraig-y-Nos castle: 0.1 miles
Prices from: FullPrices from: £50.00Prices from: £143.00
Craig Y Nos Castle Craig-y-Nos castlePentre Riding Stables Craig-y-Nos castleCraig-Y-Nos Castle Craig-y-Nos castle
The Old Vicarage The Old VicarageThe Phoenix Retreat The Phoenix RetreatOld Tredegar Old Tredegar
Star rating: 0Star rating: 4*Star rating: 4
Rooms: 2Rooms: 12Rooms: 5
Craig-y-Nos castle: 0.7 milesCraig-y-Nos castle: 2.1 milesCraig-y-Nos castle: 5.8 miles
Prices from: £95.00Prices from: £82.00Prices from: Full
The Old Vicarage Craig-y-Nos castleThe Phoenix Retreat Craig-y-Nos castleOld Tredegar Craig-y-Nos castle
The Lamb & Flag The Lamb & FlagTy-Ni Guest House Ty-Ni Guest HouseTy Newydd Country Hotel Ty Newydd Country Hotel
Star rating: 4Star rating: 0Star rating: 3
Rooms: 5Rooms: 1Rooms: 28
Craig-y-Nos castle: 6.1 milesCraig-y-Nos castle: 6.5 milesCraig-y-Nos castle: 8.4 miles
Prices from: £70.00Prices from: £29.50Prices from: £84.00
The Lamb & Flag Craig-y-Nos castleTy-Ni Guest House Craig-y-Nos castleTy Newydd Country Hotel Craig-y-Nos castle
Beili Helyg Guest House Beili Helyg Guest HouseSwansea Valley Holiday Cottages Swansea Valley Holiday CottagesThe Castle Hotel The Castle Hotel
Star rating: 4Star rating: 5Star rating: 2
Rooms: 3Rooms: 4Rooms: 3
Craig-y-Nos castle: 8.6 milesCraig-y-Nos castle: 9.0 milesCraig-y-Nos castle: 10.2 miles
Prices from: £75.00Prices from: Prices from: £65.00
Beili Helyg Guest House Craig-y-Nos castleSwansea Valley Holiday Cottages Craig-y-Nos castleThe Castle Hotel Craig-y-Nos castle

Craig-y-Nos castle Craig-y-Nos castle  Dan Yr Ogof caves Dan Yr Ogof caves  Palleg Golf Club Palleg Golf Club  Glynneath Golf Club Glynneath Golf Club