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Mercure Swansea Hotel Mercure Swansea HotelPremier Inn Swansea North Premier Inn Swansea NorthThe Grand Hotel Swansea The Grand Hotel Swansea
Star rating: 3Star rating: 3Star rating: 3
Rooms: 119Rooms: 63Rooms: 53
Plasmarl: 0.6 milesPlasmarl: 1.0 milesPlasmarl: 2.1 miles
Prices from: FullPrices from: £58.00Prices from: £120.00
Mercure Swansea Hotel PlasmarlPremier Inn Swansea North PlasmarlThe Grand Hotel Swansea Plasmarl
The Grand Hotel Swansea The Grand Hotel SwanseaVillage Hotel Swansea Village Hotel SwanseaPremier Inn Swansea Waterfront Premier Inn Swansea Waterfront
Star rating: 3Star rating: 3Star rating: 3
Rooms: 53Rooms: 114Rooms: 132
Plasmarl: 2.1 milesPlasmarl: 2.2 milesPlasmarl: 2.3 miles
Prices from: £80.00Prices from: £69.00Prices from: £63.00
The Grand Hotel Swansea PlasmarlVillage Hotel Swansea PlasmarlPremier Inn Swansea Waterfront Plasmarl
Windsor Lodge Hotel Windsor Lodge HotelThe Windsor Lodge Hotel The Windsor Lodge HotelThe Dragon Hotel The Dragon Hotel
Star rating: 3Star rating: 2Star rating: 4
Rooms: 18Rooms: 18Rooms: 106
Plasmarl: 2.3 milesPlasmarl: 2.3 milesPlasmarl: 2.3 miles
Prices from: £50.00Prices from: £50.00Prices from: £75.00
Windsor Lodge Hotel PlasmarlThe Windsor Lodge Hotel PlasmarlThe Dragon Hotel Plasmarl
The Dragon Hotel The Dragon Hotelibis Swansea ibis SwanseaWaterfront Penthouses Waterfront Penthouses
Star rating: 4Star rating: BStar rating: 4
Rooms: 106Rooms: 99Rooms: 2
Plasmarl: 2.3 milesPlasmarl: 2.4 milesPlasmarl: 2.4 miles
Prices from: £79.00Prices from: £59.00Prices from: £165.00
The Dragon Hotel Plasmarlibis Swansea PlasmarlWaterfront Penthouses Plasmarl

Plasmarl Plasmarl  Llewelyn Park Llewelyn Park  Swansea Enterprise Park Swansea Enterprise Park  Morfa Retail Park Morfa Retail Park  Swansea Tennis Centre Swansea Tennis Centre  Liberty Stadium, Swansea Liberty Stadium, Swansea  Morrriston Park Morrriston Park  Morriston Golf Club Morriston Golf Club  DVLA DVLA  Junction 45 M4 Swansea North Junction 45 M4 Swansea North  Jersey Park Jersey Park  Morriston hospital Morriston hospital  Swansea train station Swansea train station  Junction 44 M4 Swansea North Junction 44 M4 Swansea North  Junction 46 M4 DVLA Swansea North Junction 46 M4 DVLA Swansea North  Glynn Vivian Art Gallery Glynn Vivian Art Gallery