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Garnant Park Golf Club Golf

Garnant Park Golf Club hotels south Wales town/city centre

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Mill at Glynhir Hotel Mill at Glynhir HotelOld Tredegar Old TredegarTy-Ni Guest House Ty-Ni Guest House
Star rating: 2*Star rating: 4Star rating: 0
Rooms: 10Rooms: 5Rooms: 1
Garnant Park Golf Club: 3.4 milesGarnant Park Golf Club: 4.2 milesGarnant Park Golf Club: 5.4 miles
Prices from: £106.00Prices from: FullPrices from: £29.50
Mill at Glynhir Hotel Garnant Park Golf ClubOld Tredegar Garnant Park Golf ClubTy-Ni Guest House Garnant Park Golf Club
Dynevor Arms Dynevor ArmsThe Castle Hotel The Castle HotelDillwyns Hotel Dillwyns Hotel
Star rating: 3Star rating: 2Star rating: 3
Rooms: 4Rooms: 3Rooms: 8
Garnant Park Golf Club: 5.9 milesGarnant Park Golf Club: 5.9 milesGarnant Park Golf Club: 5.9 miles
Prices from: FullPrices from: £65.00Prices from: £48.00
Dynevor Arms Garnant Park Golf ClubThe Castle Hotel Garnant Park Golf ClubDillwyns Hotel Garnant Park Golf Club
The Pink Geranium The Pink GeraniumStag Coach House Stag Coach HouseStag & Pheasant Inn Stag & Pheasant Inn
Star rating: 0Star rating: 3Star rating: 3
Rooms: 6Rooms: 6Rooms: 4
Garnant Park Golf Club: 6.0 milesGarnant Park Golf Club: 6.4 milesGarnant Park Golf Club: 6.4 miles
Prices from: £45.00Prices from: £40.00Prices from: £35.00
The Pink Geranium Garnant Park Golf ClubStag Coach House Garnant Park Golf ClubStag & Pheasant Inn Garnant Park Golf Club
Stag Coach House Stag Coach HouseSwansea Valley Holiday Cottages Swansea Valley Holiday CottagesStag and pheasant Stag and pheasant
Star rating: 3Star rating: 5Star rating: 4
Rooms: 6Rooms: 4Rooms: 4
Garnant Park Golf Club: 6.4 milesGarnant Park Golf Club: 6.6 milesGarnant Park Golf Club: 7.2 miles
Prices from: £55.00Prices from: Prices from: £60.00
Stag Coach House Garnant Park Golf ClubSwansea Valley Holiday Cottages Garnant Park Golf ClubStag and pheasant Garnant Park Golf Club

Garnant Park Golf Club Garnant Park Golf Club  Glynhir Golf Club Glynhir Golf Club  Pontardawe Golf Club Pontardawe Golf Club